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At the Pavilion of Ottawa, it is our goal to provide each guest with the highest level of personalized care while they enjoy resort-like services & amenities. Our holistic approach to healthcare with equal amounts of focus on physical and emotional well-being allows our residents to enjoy the time they spend with us.


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Many of the people who reach out to us are concerned family members who want the best for their loved ones. Their loved ones have often been recently diagnosed, the symptoms have increased, or the level of full-time care required has become too much for them to bare. We will meet with them and walk them through our facility, showing them Memory Lane, a memory care center specifically designed for those with early stages of dementia. We will show you the private and companion suites available to your loved ones as well as the other amenities Pavilion of Ottawa offers, including:


  • Private & Companion Suites
  • Personal Dining Room
  • Fenced-in Patio Area
  • Living Room & Game Area
  • Enclosed Courtyard
  • 24-Hour Nursing
  • Specialty Trained Staff
  • Dementia-Based Activities
  • Walking path around the perimeter of Memory Lane
  • Person-Centered Care
  • Access to Main Street within the Pavilion of Ottawa


What is Alzheimer’s Care?


Alzheimer’s disease is a specific form of dementia; it causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. While symptoms usually develop slowly at first, they get worse over time and interfere with daily tasks.


Alzheimer’s care is 24/7 personalized care by trained nurses & staff for your loved ones. As the symptoms of Alzheimer’s get progressively worse over time, your loved ones will require full-time care by trained professionals. Pavilion of Ottawa provides high-quality support staff and a unique environment to help this transition into full-time care go smoothly. We focus on the physical & emotional well-being of your loved ones, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time with them.  


Alzheimer’s Caregiver Tips


The best advice we can offer to family & friends caring for someone with Alzheimer’s is centered around good communication. You will begin to notice that your loved one will begin to change how they communicate, often losing their train of thought or reverting back to a native language. They may not be able to find a familiar word to describe something. It is important to remain patient when communicating, do not cause unneeded stress or frustration within your loved one.


Offer Comfort, Support, and Reassurance

Let your loved one know it is okay to have trouble communicating. Try to help them guess for the words they are trying to remember. If you think you get the point of what they are trying to say, do not spend time correcting them when using improper words or trying to “teach” them the correct way. Support them and encourage them when communicating; we find it easy and fun to have them tell stories about growing up or a specific good vacation or time in their life. Often, long-term memories will be much easier to remember than what happened this year.


Avoid Arguments, Criticizing, or Correction

Instead of focusing on the details and mistakes they may have made while trying to communicate, listen & try to find the meaning of what they are trying to say. Do not get into arguments or debates with your loved one, if they say something you disagree with, simply move on and change the subject or location you’re at. Changing subjects or moving to a different room will help ease tension and focus on something different.


For more information & caregiver tips on a variety of topics and issues, check out the Alzheimer’s Association’s Caregiver Center, where they provide an impressive amount of resources for family members & friends.  


Memory Lane: Alzheimer’s Care Center


Memory Lane & Main Street allows your loved ones to experience life similar to before the need for full-time care was realized. By not only serving the Ottawa, IL community, but also the Morris, Peru, and other surrounding Illinois’ communities, we are able to make a meaningful impact on North-Central Illinois by helping families remain close during difficult times. We often have families drive from Peru, Morris, Joliet, and even Rockford to spend time with those they love. They desire for their loved ones to be in a world-class facility for full-time Alzheimer’s Care and are willing to make the drive to come for regular visits.


Come by today and see all the Pavilion of Ottawa has to offer you & your loved ones! Our staff would be happy to help answer any questions you may have and give you a full tour of our facility.



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