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Caring for a patient with Alzheimer's disease requires patience and fortitude. In its early stages, a loved one with the disease may live and function independently. But as the illness progresses Alzheimer's care in Ottawa is needed before a patient's ability to handle daily tasks begins to dwindle. Giving the right care and attention to a patient helps him maintain a sense of independence and dignity. Alzheimer's care in Ottawa can help a patient live his life more comfortably.


While there is still no cure for Alzheimer's disease, methods of caregiving have improved over the years. Alzheimer's care in Ottawa is categorized according to the stage of the disease to make sure that the needs at each stage are properly addressed. At the early to moderate stages of the disease, language and memory faculties can start to deteriorate. Emotional distress and loss of self-awareness, which are associated with the later stages of the disease, require professional Alzheimer's care in Ottawa.



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During the later stages of Alzheimer's, memory loss leading to Dementia is common. Professional Alzheimer's care in Ottawa is needed for patients to cope with the symptoms and difficulties that are brought about by the disease. Many factors are considered in the proper care of these patients including mental stimulation, exercise, and a balanced diet. These have been suggested as ways to delay cognitive symptoms in older individuals, and to make them feel better about themselves despite their condition.



The Ottawa Pavilion specializes in Alzheimer's care in Ottawa. The Memory Lane is our memory center that is specifically designed for patients with degenerative Alzheimer's. It is located in the main level of the facility so that residents can have access to ground level amenities such as serene gardens and patios. Patients can enjoy the fresh air in a quiet residential neighborhood. Providing patients with this type of environment is just one of services we provide for Alzheimer's care in Ottawa.



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At Ottawa Pavilion, we specialize in Alzheimer's care in Ottawa. Our facilities are equipped with the latest tools to offer any of the following:



Let Ottawa Pavilion help you with excellent care for your peace of mind. Take a stroll down memory lane to see how we value social interaction and regular routinary lifestyle.



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