Alzheimer's Care in Morris, IL

Alzheimer's Care in Morris, IL


People with Alzheimer's disease often need round-the-clock care, and a residential care unit specializing in Alzheimer's care may be the best way to ensure their health and safety. In addition, as the disease affects each person in a different way, caregivers and loved ones may expect the condition of a patient to worsen over time. When it does worsen, people with the disease may require more intensive care, so it is important to look forward and set a plan in place for care soon after diagnosis. This kind of long-term care offers many services that can meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of people who have Alzheimer's disease and cannot take care of themselves. As a decision to move a loved one with Alzheimer's to a residential unit is never an easy one, it helps to know that an excellent care facility specializes in Alzheimer's care in Morris IL.


Pavilion of Ottawa can provide all the information you and your family need to ensure that you are making the right choice. When it comes to helping Alzheimer's patients, our residence is designed specially designed and equipped for your peace of mind. That is, we do all our best to make sure that your loved one is as comfortable as possible. We continue to build on our tradition of advocacy for improving the quality of life for people with Alzheimer’s, so we strive to learn the best methods and adopt the most appropriate practices to guarantee the well-being of our residents. Through Alzheimer's care in Morris IL provided by the Pavilion of Ottawa, your loved one is in good hands. Trust Pavilion of Ottawa today for excellent Alzheimer's care.


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 Stages of Alzheimer's Disease


It is important to note the different stages of the disease so that you can determine the right needs for your loved one with Alzheimer’s.


First Stage. In the first stage of Alzheimer's disease, patients may show signs of slight amnesia and personality changes. They tend to forget things that they have recently done or people who they have recently met. Patients may also find difficulty in performing simple cognitive tasks such as solving arithmetic problems, which may lead them to struggle in doing work such as creating a monthly budget. Furthermore, in terms of planning for future tasks, people with mild Alzheimer's disease also gradually lose the ability to remember important things, such as where they stored a certain ingredient when cooking or what time a guest is supposed to arrive.


Second Stage. This moderate stage of the disease is characterized by increased signs of amnesia and being perplexed. In this stage, patients with Alzheimer's disease find greater difficulty in following instructions, organizing items, and planning activities. They may need assistance with simple tasks such as putting on clothes or fixing the bed. Recognizing family members and friends may also become more difficult during this stage, and patient's awareness of time may start to blur. Patients at this stage should not be allowed to be on their own because they may start to wander because of their degrading ability to judge direction.


Third Stage. In this stage, patients with Alzheimer's disease start to become tense and restive most of the time. They also begin to repeat their movements at the later parts of the day. Furthermore, sleeping problems start to arise among patients. More severe personality changes emerge, as patients may make threats, accuse others of negative things, and inflict harm on others. In other words, patients may start to be difficult to deal with.


Final Stage. In the fourth stage of the disease, people often need all the help they can get with all of their daily needs. They may not be able to perform simple locomotion such as walking or standing up without assistance. Furthermore, they may lose the ability to communicate and often fail to identify family members. They may also refuse to take in food because of their difficulty in swallowing. Thus, patience and proper care should be provided to the fullest extent during this stage.


Reliable Alzheimer's Care in Morris ILReliable Alzheimer's Care in Morris IL


As we mention the stages of Alzheimer's disease, we should also let you know that our capabilities and facilities are able to handle the symptoms of every stage so that you can be sure that your loved ones are understood and cared for in the best manner possible and that they live happily and comfortably despite their condition. Pavilion of Ottawa is the right place for your loved ones to receive Alzheimer's care in Morris IL, as we have the right accommodations and services for their needs.


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