Alzheimer's Unit in Ottawa IL

Choosing an alternative home for a patient with Alzheimer's disease is a difficult task. This decision often falls on family members because the patient usually cannot participate in the process. Finding a good Alzheimer's unit in Ottawa IL is important in making the patient's life as comfortable as possible. A good home with round-the-clock care can make patients feel much better; they will be less frustrated with their condition. Family members will also have peace of mind knowing that their patient is attended to correctly.


An Alzheimer unit in Ottawa IL is a dedicated and specialized nursing unit that gives enhanced care to patients. It promotes a program with special activities for patients to perform, and it improves individual patient condition in terms of memory and coordination. A good Alzheimer's unit in Ottawa IL is able to create a therapeutic environment using different techniques to keep the resident independently sharp for a longer period of time. Alzheimer's units also provide a safe and caring environment while giving them a place to socialize.



Alzheimer's Unit at the Pavilion of Ottawa



In Ottawa IL, there is one trusted name that provides quality and intensive care and therapy to people with Alzheimer's disease. The Pavilion of Ottawa offers notable features such as private suites with a personal dining room. We also have companion suites for those who have loved ones who will be staying over. Our residents can relax in our fenced-in patio area, living room, and game area. Outdoors, patients can enjoy the enclosed courtyard. These areas are handled by 24-hour nursing specialists and a highly trained staff.



Our Alzheimer's unit in Ottawa IL also features a Main Street, a downtown replica where patients get to explore and hang out. It is where Memory Lane, Pavilion of Ottawa's primary Alzheimer's unit in Ottawa IL, is located. Here, patients are exposed to a calming and peaceful atmosphere that is evident in the open design concept including 25-foot-tall ceilings, suspended clouds, and sky lights around the perimeter. Ambient light and air gives patients the right settings for coping with the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.



More than Just an Alzheimer's Unit in Ottawa



Aside from being an Alzheimer's unit in Ottawa, the Pavilion of Ottawa also offers other services, including:



We want nothing but the best for your elderly loved ones. Come to us to experience the best care. Explore the main street to enjoy the shops, the food, and all the other activities we have to offer.



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