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If you're looking for an Alzheimer's unit in Peoria, head to the Pavilion of Ottawa for an experience unlike any other. Our center provides the correct and balanced care needed by those who have Alzheimer's disease and Dementia. When you want your loved ones to receive the best treatment, our highly trained staff always treats the patients as if they were family. This makes the patients feel more at home and feel less anxious about their condition. Our Alzheimer's unit in Peoria can be your loved one's second home.


We pursue what is best for the patient at the Pavilion of Ottawa. Our Alzheimer's unit in Peoria caters to the individual needs of the patients. This personalized service allows us to deliver specific requirements for the patient. With this method, we can proactively anticipate each what each patient wants and make sure that all necessary items and procedures are in place before they arrive. A place where residents will never feel too far from home, our Alzheimer's unit in Peoria will always be a part of your family.



Why the Pavilion of Ottawa is the Top Rated Alzheimer's Unit in Peoria



Pavilion of Ottawa is an Alzheimer's unit in Peoria that is designed for the best treatment methods that have been tested to make lives easier. Each component of the unit is designed to target specific aspects of a resident's therapy. There are many areas in the facility where your loved ones can socialize and enjoy their stay. Whether enjoying the outdoor gardens during a sunny day or exploring Main Street during early evenings, our patients will never feel as if they were in a medical facility.



We realize that the environment is not the only factor to influence the levels of comfort of our residents. With the help of our medical team, this beautiful facility can also begin to work on their recovery. By working on the memory through social activities and other therapeutic routines, they can exercise their physical and mental capabilities and work their way to a happy and more contented life. Pavilion of Ottawa's top rated Alzheimer's unit in Peoria will always find ways to promote healthy living.



Alzheimer's Unit in Peoria and More



Pavilion of Ottawa is not just an excellent Alzheimer's Unit in Peoria. We also offer specialized services for your peace of mind, including:



No other place like the Pavilion of Ottawa can give you with best service and care. Take a stroll down memory lane to see how we value social interaction and regular routinary lifestyle.



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