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For a long-term care that combines housing, support services, and health care, an assisted living center in Ottawa is just the place your loved one needs. Assisted living centers in Ottawa are designed for individuals who require assistance with everyday activities such as meals, medication management, assistance, personal hygiene, and transportation. The golden years of an elderly person should be enjoyable. Assisted living centers have made this even more possible.


There are thousands of assisted living centers nationwide servicing millions of seniors. Not all are able to provide the right care that the elderly require. Some may have staff who can get easily frustrated with its residents, or some facilities may have a depressing appearance that directly affects a resident's well-being. But there are also assisted living centers in Ottawa that cater to the needs of the patients by giving them quality service while helping them enjoy their freedom by recognizing what they can do on their own.



Best Assisted Living Center in Ottawa



Finding the right assisted living center in Ottawa for your loved one can make the difference in providing emotional stability for your whole family. Sending a senior to one of the best assisted living centers in Ottawa can bring joy and peace of mind. Knowing that your elderly are well taken care of in a state-of-the art facility gives you the confidence to go about your daily routines. You can take part in the care of your elderly by making sure that the right home and the right people do the job.



The Pavilion of Ottawa is one of the best assisted living centers in Ottawa. We offer a unique neighborhood-style environment so that the social aspect of a healthy lifestyle is present among the residents. Daily events and activities help keep seniors involved in building relationships among themselves. Common areas such as Main Street, the courtyard, and the game room are places where residents can invest their time in new friendships and make life more meaningful.



Beautiful Assisted Living Center in Ottawa



No other assisted living center in Ottawa is as beautiful as the facilities at the Pavilion of Ottawa. Come to us for:



Our dedication inspires us to continue with the excellent service that we provide. Explore the main street to enjoy the shops, the food, and all the other activities we have to offer.



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