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When it comes to providing a relaxing environment that is designed to provide special care to patients who require special attention, an assisted living home in Ottawa can make your loved one feel at home. Alzheimer's disease patients who have periods of temporary or permanent incapacity due to memory loss, speech degeneration, or other symptoms do not have to feel the effects of their disease. In an assisted living home in Ottawa, residents are allowed to enjoy their stay while undergoing therapy.




A good assisted living home in Ottawa should be able to provide all the basic needs that a patient requires. These include personal tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, maneuvering in and out of bed, and walking. Assisted living homes in Ottawa should also make the patient feel that they can live independently in their own “apartment”. This gives residents the freedom to do their own tasks and make them feel better about themselves.


Beautiful Assisted Living Home in Ottawa


When checking in to an assisted living home in Ottawa, patients may feel that they are adding burden to their families' lives. Similarly, families may feel that they are neglecting their loved ones by sending them away. But the Pavilion's assisted living home in Ottawa does not feel at all like a medical facility. In fact, the place is designed to look like a resort or an entertainment facility. With the welcoming atmosphere, patients will never feel bored and family members will never feel guilty.



Patient-residents get to enjoy the intelligently designed complex that mimics ideal living conditions. Our assisted living home in Ottawa is conceptualized to look like a small township. The ceiling of the main building is 25 feet high to accommodate the shops, rooms, and other features. There are private and companion suites, personal dining, a living room with a game area, and an enclosed courtyard. Our facilities are maintained by a 24-hour skilled nursing staff. Let your loved one enjoy this beautiful assisted living home in Ottawa.


Professional Assisted Living Home in Ottawa


The Pavilion of Ottawa is a professional assisted living home in Ottawa. We also offer other services, including:



When it comes to professional care that improves the well-being of your loved one, let the Pavilion of Ottawa help. You can also get in shape by visiting us today at our fitness center.



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