Dementia Care in Peru, IL

Dementia Care in Peru, IL


Personal & Caring Dementia Care in Peru, IL


Caring for a patient with dementia comes with many challenges for families and caregivers. That's because people with dementia find it increasingly difficult to remember things, think clearly, take care of themselves, or communicate with others. Their conditions such as Alzheimer's and related diseases have caused a progressive biological brain disorder, which results in their difficulties. When patients with dementia find that their mental abilities are declining, they often feel vulnerable and in need of reassurance and support. The people who are closest to them, including carers, friends, and family, must do everything they can to help them so that they can still have their sense of identity and self-worth.


In Peru IL, a five-star Medicare-rated facility is dedicated to providing quality dementia care. Surely, you would want the best for your loved one with dementia. Therefore, you would do anything to provide top care and attention to him or her. In addition, you may realize that your efforts may not be enough for your patient. Thus, our goal at the Pavilion of Ottawa is to provide our guests with the highest level of customize care as they live in luxurious surroundings and enjoy resort-like services and amenities. Our professionals are proud of offering catered care that is tailored to each and every individual. At the Pavilion of Ottawa, we know the needs of dementia patients. That is why we are the best center for dementia care in Peru IL.


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Dementia Care PlansPlanning for Professional Dementia Care


Moving your loved one into a residential care facility is never an easy decision, but it can be so with the Pavilion of Ottawa. That is because we carefully plan for the care and program of these patients. Whereas some people may be eager to get professional help for their family members with dementia, others may not be as willing because they think that handing off the care of their loved ones to other people is irresponsible. Nevertheless, serious levels of dementia can require professional attention, such that bringing a loved one to a dementia care facility can be the best thing that a family member or a friend can do for him or her.


At Pavilion of Ottawa, we have a general daily routine for dementia patients, and this type of care promotes proper caregiving and provides a sense of consistency to the dementia patient. We also acknowledge that while every family has its own unique routine, our professional medical team handling the dementia support group has established proven methods to handle the most challenging times of day. Furthermore we try to keep a sense of structure and familiarity so that the patients can feel more at home.


When to Bring in a Patient for Dementia Care


Assisted living should be given to a dementia patients at the first sign of escalating care needs. For example, if the health of the person with dementia is deteriorating or when the caregiver's health is at risk, then a patient must be brought in for professional care. In addition, when verbal & physical aggression increases with those with dementia, caregivers and other family members may suffer or begin to feel resentful. Thus, professional dementia care can address these problems, and loved ones can be spared from the negative emotions.


Other reasons for bringing in a dementia patient for professional care include wandering, especially when the risk of falls and injuries increases, home safety issues, and caregiver stress.


How We Care for Dementia PatientsCaring for Dementia Patients


At the Pavilion of Ottawa, we try to keep consistent daily times for activities such as waking up, meals, bathing, dressing, receiving visitors, and bedtime. Keeping these things at the same time and place can help orientate your loved ones with dementia. We also let your loved ones know what to expect even if they are not sure whether they completely understand. We use cues to establish different times of the day. For example, we open curtains in the morning to let the sunlight in and put on quiet music in the evening to indicate bedtime.

Lastly, we involve your loved ones in daily activities as much as possible. This allows them to be preoccupied and exercises the brain for the enhancement of psychomotor skills.


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