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Every effort should be made to keep nursing homes in Peoria comfortable for the residents. Activities that seniors enjoy such as gardening should encourage a healthy disposition among the residents. Furnishings make the spaces look more like a home rather than a clinic. Things that make seniors feel more at home have a direct relationship with their levels of self-worth and contentment. Because of nursing homes in Peoria, seniors feel better with the higher level of comfort that is provided.

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Nursing homes in Peoria may even provide beauty salons and barber shops. This is because residents feel a higher sense of well-being if they are able to feel good about their physical appearance. This is just one simple way of making residents feel that they belong to a good community. Some nursing homes in Peoria also provide Internet access. This, together with other forms of technology, opens up a whole new world of communication with nurses, friends, and family members outside the facility.


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All the characteristics previously mentioned can be found in one of the top nursing homes in Peoria – the Pavilion of Ottawa. A neighborhood-style complex gives residents the feeling of home. Guests who visit their loved ones can spend their time in the different features of the facility. Those who are here for long-term care will find that having a community to share with makes their lives a bit easier. They will be spending their time going through different daily activities and creating new relationships.

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This nursing home in Peoria is more like a resort where residents get the best care at the best location. We have private and companion suites that are handicap accessible with a window view and come with their own complete full bathroom. Life's conveniences such as a flat screen television with satellite, wi-fi access, and personalized climate control are also offered. These accommodations, including different aspects of service such as meals, laundry, housekeeping, and transportation make life better for your elderly loved ones.


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