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Many of us want our seniors to stay home for as long as possible. But when life becomes almost impossible due to health or safety concerns, families will need to choose a good nursing home. There are a number of nursing homes in Rockford that can cater to your loved one's needs. But only some can give a worthwhile experience in maintaining the dignity and independence of its residents. These nursing homes in Rockford can make the difference in how a patient copes with his condition.

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Knowing what to look for in nursing homes in Rockford prevent disappointment in the future. Homes where residents are treated with respect, no matter what their physical or mental condition may be, are usually where patients are happier. Even things as simple as knocking on doors before entering can directly affect a resident's outlook. Clear communication between the staff and the resident encourages a lively atmosphere. A friendly, caring, and supportive staff can go a long way.


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The Pavilion of Ottawa is a top rated nursing home in Rockford. The range of social, physical and educational activities that are available in our center appeals to all residents. Interaction with the community outside the nursing home is always encouraged to make residents feel their self-worth. Because of this, the Pavilion of Ottawa has six separate "neighborhoods" that are based on different levels of care. The integration of a community-like atmosphere in our facility gives a sense of belonging to our residents.

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This nursing home in Rockford also offers a nice dining experience for guests and residents. Every neighborhood has its own dining room that offers a restaurant-style dining experience. Each dish is freshly prepared by our own culinary team. Nutritionists that help prepare the residents' food make sure that dietary requirements are met. Our dining rooms are very welcoming that family and friends who come to visit can also dine with their loved ones. This makes our residents feel less like being in a nursing home and more like being in a community.


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The Pavilion of Ottawa is clearly more than just a beautiful nursing home in Rockford. We are also a:



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