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If you are in search of a place for your loved one, then you should know that Ottawa Pavilion is a top-rated nursing home near Morris, IL (60450). The range of social, physical, and educational activities that are available in our center appeals to all residents and keeps them busy and happy.


It is said that interaction with the community outside the nursing home is always encouraged to make residents feel their self-worth. Because of this, Ottawa Pavilion has six separate "neighborhoods" that are based on different levels of care. The integration of a community-like atmosphere in our facility gives a sense of belonging to our residents.

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Nursing Home in Morris, IL


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Every effort should be made to select the right nursing homes in Morris, IL. Comfort for the residents should be a priority. Activities that seniors enjoy should be given to keep the residents sharp both mentally & socially. For example, gardening can help promote a healthy disposition among the residents and encourage them to participate and interact.


In the best nursing homes, engaging activities are physical and mental exercises designed to stimulate important physiological functions that enhance performance in patients with declining health. A modern nursing home with the latest facilities such as Ottawa Pavilion can provide activities that contribute to rehabilitation and wellness.


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