Nursing Home with a 5 Star Rating

Nursing Home with a 5 Star Rating



Why does rating matter when looking for a nursing home? Is it because a higher rating means better care for your loved ones? Or is it because a nursing home with a 5-star rating has the right amenities that address your senior family members' needs? Both of these reasons, and more, should motivate you to find a 5-star nursing home when choosing accommodations for your elderly. When you care about the well-being of your parents, grandparents, or older people in your family or community, then you would want the best care to be provided to them. Therefore, in selecting a nursing home, it is important to choose wisely, as this will be their home for a long period of time, and the caregivers will be their constant companions during their daily activities.




At Pavilion of Ottawa, we take pride in our 5-star Medicare Rating, which is given to us because of our dedication to excellent senior care. At this quality nursing home, we aim to give the highest level of individualized care to our clients, as they relax and recover in an environment that fosters health and well-being. Catered care means tailoring each service to every individual, allowing us to ensure that all the needs of our residents are addressed at the personal level. With luxurious surroundings and resort-like services and amenities, Pavilion of Ottawa leads other nursing homes in the area in terms of quality nursing care, excellent facilities, and highly capable staff. To us, your loved ones are the reason why we exist, so we work hard to care for them in any way that we can.


How is a Nursing Home Rated?


Medicare, the federal health insurance program for the aging population, certain younger people with disabilities, and other qualified individuals with conditions, created the overall 5-star rating for nursing homes. The rating is based on three different aspects: health inspections, quality measures, and staff. Each aspect is rated, and the overall rating ranges from one star to five stars, with the 5-star rating being the highest quality nursing home. Medicare established this rating so that consumers can compare nursing homes before availing of their services. By doing so, nursing homes have been challenged to improve their services, whereas 5-star nursing homes strive to maintain their positions at the top.


According to, the official site for Medicare, overall Star Ratings are assigned using five different steps. First, Medicare starts with the health inspections rating. Second, a star is added if the staffing rating is 4 or 5 and if it is greater than the health inspections rating. A star is deducted, however, if the staffing rating is 1 star. Third, a star is added if the quality measures rating is five stars, but a star is removed if the quality measures rating is 1 star. Fourth, if the health inspections rating is 1 star, then the overall rating cannot be upgraded by more than 1 star based on the ratings of staffing and quality measures. Lastly, if a nursing home is a special focus facility, then the maximum overall rating is 3 stars.


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5-star Nursing HomeA 5-Star Nursing Home


Pavilion of Ottawa is proud to be a 5-star nursing home. This means that for all three aspects, namely, health inspections, quality measures, and staffing, we have earned 5 stars. This shows our dedication to providing only the best possible care for your loved ones. As inspected by Medicare, all our health facilities are highly praised, and all our staff members are highly professional, with all nurses being Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Certified Nursing Aids (CNAs). Your parents or grandparents are in good hands as we provide quality care to them.


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