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As the county seat of Grundy, Illinois, Morris hosts the annual Grundy County Corn Festival. This city of about 13,600 residents prepares for festivities that include different activities. In 2017, the 69th Annual Grundy County Corn Festival will be held on September 27 to October 1 with the theme "Grundy County - Small Town Living At Its Best!"


The festival is held to recognize Grundy's main crop - corn - and includes many events and shows that highlight corn and things from Morris IL in general. Through this festival, various community members can also showcase their talents and abilities through different shows that allow them to perform or show their creations. Truly, the cornfest is an attraction not only for Morris IL residents but also for its visitors.



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Included in the activities are various contests and tournaments such as a fishing tournament, pumpkin decorating contest, pie eating contest, and largest crops. Other attractions include the Corn, Grain and Flower Show, which exhibits the different produce of amateur growers. Varieties are displayed in an exhibit for people to view, and judging the best crop is held to determine the winner.


Moreover, in addition to the exhibits mentioned above, special shows and exhibits are also included in the festival, including photo shows, hobby and handicraft shows, the Crackerbox Derby, which is very popular with the children, and a baby show.


There is also an art show that showcases original work by entrants. Whether 2D or 3D art, family-friendly creations are displayed for the public to see, and judging is also performed to award the best artwork. There are different divisions including adult, high school, and youth, and forms of art many include drawing by pencil, ink, charcoal, pastel, or others; painting by acrylic, oil, watercolor or others; computer art; sculpture made of clay, wood, metal, stone, or others; and other forms of art such as collage or mosaic.


Furthermore, entertainment is held for the festival goers. Various local bands play country and alternative tunes and upbeat sounds every evening of the festival to the delight of the audience. Talent shows sponsored by local media outlets allow locals to show off their talents during the festival. There's also "lasertainment," a laser light show that creates awe among the audience. County dancers from local dance schools also contribute to the entertainment in the festival.


Parade and Food


The grand parade is a highlight attraction of the festival, where numerous participants join in the 10-block route to celebrate the corn fest. Participants include exhibitors, marching bands, celebrities, and other key people in the city. The parade runs for about 2 and a half hours to be enjoyed by everyone.


Of course, a festival is not complete without food. Local restaurants and diners cook up a storm for festival-goers, making great dishes including barbecue, brats, corn dogs, hamburgers, beef sandwiches, and others. Confectionery such as cotton candy, caramel apples, donuts, eclairs, and a variety of cakes satisfy the sweet tooth of locals and visitors alike. Other staples such as pizza, nachos, shish-ka-bobs, tacos, and of course sweet corn are also available. Smoothies and lemonades are available to wash it all down.



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