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At the Pavilion of Ottawa, our goal is to provide rehabilitation, skilled nursing, & comfort to people in all walks of life. Part of this mission includes providing caregivers time away from their loved ones to relax & recharge. We believe that there is a healthy rhythm for those providing direct care to a loved one that includes taking time away to run errands, take a vacation, or spend time with other friends & family.


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You are the hero in your family. You have sacrificed much to provide personalized love to this person. Do what is best for both you and them by taking some time away to recharge your batteries. Providing full-time care is extremely rewarding, but comes with costs. You give up personal time & money, add stress to your life, and help carry another’s burdens, all in the name of sacrificial love. We can help plan the time away you deserve.  


What Does Respite Care Mean?


The term “respite care” refers to planned or emergency temporary care providing by a professional to a child or adult. Oftentimes, this could be for an elderly spouse caring for their husband or wife, or for parents caring for their child with special needs. While gratifying, the full-time care needed by the ones we love can be very draining and damaging to your social and mental health over the long run. Professional respite care allows the caregiver to take time away, knowing their loved one is in the hands of loving professionals.


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Respite care services are very common and there should be absolutely no shame in the decision to temporarily be apart from your loved one. Countless mental health studies show the long-term mental health benefits with getting away for a short period of time periodically throughout the months and years. We can help you navigate this decision and come to a solution that makes sense for you and your loved one, call our office today to speak with a member of our team.


Respite Care Services


While there are many different models for providing respite care, the three that the Pavilion of Ottawa finds the most common are: In-home respite care, emergency respite care, and short-term respite care. Each of these deals with different situations and needs for the families involved. They come with their own ways of funding with sliding scales & government subsidies for those who qualify. If you are considering these respite care services and have questions regarding the costs, we recommend calling to speak with a Pavilion of Ottawa representative.


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In-home respite care is when a professional caregiver from the Pavilion of Ottawa comes to your home to provide care services while you are away. In most cases, these are for a few hours to let parents get out of the house and go on a date or letting you get a haircut or run a few errands. Your loved one will be cared for according to the highest ethical and medical standards, affording you peace of mind while you are away.


Emergency respite care refers to immediate need situations where you may be sick or need to go out of town immediately on a business trip. For those sudden life events, emergency respite care may be the solution to ensure your loved one gets the treatment they need. We always recommend that if you are considering needing respite care for your loved one, that you try a few scheduled hours before you need our emergency respite services. This will help you and your loved one become more comfortable with the process and ensure that we will be able to help when you need it the most.


Short term respite care refers to situations where overnight care is needed. Often, these include the caregiver needing to get away on a vacation to relax & recharge. Depending on the level of need, the loved one may temporarily live in our facility for the time you are gone to ensure they have the around-the-clock care and attention they need. As with the emergency services, we highly recommend you and your loved one test out the respite care we provide before choosing a longer-term option. We want the transition to be smooth, allowing you to relax on your vacation time away.


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