Short-Term Rehabilitation in Peru and Morris IL

Short-Term Rehabilitation in Peru and Morris IL

After a surgery, a patient may require short-term rehabilitation. Short-term rehabilitation in Peru and Morris IL is a service provided to individuals recovering from a surgical procedure, illness, or accident. It is important that patients involved in short-term rehabilitation reside in the facility where the rehab is to be conducted so that an intensive program can be implemented for a quick and effective recovery. Aspects such as physical training programs, nutrition, environment, mindset, and other factors are included in short-term rehabilitation programs.


Short-term rehab programs help patients from these areas to achieve their maximum functional capacity and to get back to their normal daily routine in the shortest time possible. To achieve this goal, patients receive physical and psychological therapy from compassionate and highly-skilled therapists. Expert professionals who can help in short-term rehabilitation include physicians, nurses, social workers, and nutritionists, and they work with the patient and the family members to develop an individualized care plan. The pavilion of Ottawa is such a facility offering short-term rehabilitation.


Effective Short-Term Rehab in Morris and Peru IL


As a guiding bridge between the hospital and the home, short-term rehabilitation facilities by the Pavilion of Ottawa provides patients with excellent care in a warm, community-oriented environment. There is no doubt that a serene and relaxing environment directly correlates to a faster and more effective recovery. That is why for short-term rehabilitation in Peru and Morris IL, the Pavilion of Ottawa has been designed with beautiful features that bring emotional calmness to our patients. We are proud of our facility, which is a five-star Medicare-rated center.


Pavilion of Ottawa's state-of-the-art Therapy Center is designed to help patients get back on their feet and return home after an accident, work-related injury, or surgery. Our Therapy Team will work closely with you and your doctor to create an individualized rehabilitation plan based on your goals, and intensive daily therapy is provided to accelerate your recovery. When it comes to short-term rehabilitation in Peru and Morris IL, the Pavilion of Ottawa has helped numerous patients who are now able to use all their bodily functions effectively with our help.


Professional Short-Term Rehabilitation


As shown by its facilities and programs, the Pavilion of Ottawa holds professionalism to a high degree. We offer short-term rehabilitation and the following:



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Helpful Short-Term Rehab in Peru and Morris IL


A benefit of choosing the Pavilion of Ottawa for short-term rehab is the ability to work with our very own in-house therapy team. Patients will be working with the same therapists throughout their stay, even for outpatient therapies. This continuity of care has been proven to accelerate the recovery process and has provided a level of comfort and trust between patients and therapists. Our therapists have 154 years of combined experience in this area, and we have established close working relationships with doctors and surgeons. This assures a quick and effective recovery for patients.


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